Facilitative Leadership:
Guiding Teams to Success

This talk was delivered by Alissa Briggs at WebExpo 2019.

RECORDING + Live Slides

Recorded by the WebExpo team and available on SlidesLive


We often picture “leaders” as people who stand at the front of a room, wielding their authority to tell people what to do. But "facilitative leadership" looks quite different. Facilitative leaders are usually found standing in front of a whiteboard, inviting teams to help them figure out what to do. This results in better solutions, stronger team performance, and a healthier culture of collaboration. In this talk, you’ll learn powerful facilitation techniques that will help you to become a facilitative leader and guide your teams to success.


Here are several resources which may help you develop your facilitative leadership skills:

  • LUMA Institute – a training program that helps organizations transform into places where people and innovation flourish

  • IDEO U – an online school where leaders can unlock their creative potential and build their problem-solving skills

  • Gamestorming – book filled with tools and strategies for examining things deeply, exploring new ideas, performing experiments and testing hypotheses, and generating new and surprising insights and results

  • The Back of the Napkin – book that teaches how to clarify any problem or sell any idea using a simple set of visual tools

  • Collective Genius – book about how great leaders unleash and then harness the “collective genius” of those they lead

Continue the Conversation

Looking for more ways to grow your facilitative leadership skills? Want a trained facilitator to move your project forward? I’d be delighted to assist and/or suggest someone who’d be a good fit for your needs. Additionally, if you are interested in bringing this talk or a facilitation workshop to your organization or event, please contact me for more details.