Eric Ries: Catalyzing Lean Startup at Intuit

Eric Ries paid another visit to Intuit to inspire and coach our teams about Lean Startup. Here are some quotes & notes from the session.

(And here’s the summary from Eric’s first talk at Intuit)

On whether Lean methodology is “proven”:

People ask me “Do you know if lean startup works?” I have to say “Of course not!”

On the difficulty of adopting the mindset and behaviors of rapid experimentation: 

The first time I was up here and asked a team to go faster everyone laughed. It’s not supposed to be funny.

On getting Lean Startup into a company’s culture, and how it has to come from the top:

CEOs ask me how do I get more innovative people. I say buddy, look in the mirror.

The discussion turned to the challenges we face when trying to adopt Lean Startup in a large software company.

We discussed the importance of metrics. That it’s not about working on what you want to do in the product… it’s about working on whatever will improve your metrics.

On the importance of a clear vision: “If you don’t care you can’t learn because you don’t care.” It’s not enough just to see the anomaly. You need to care enough to explore why the anomaly is happening. And just think:

If we killed all the projects no one cared about we would solve all our staffing problems.

On the subject of cross-functional collaboration and Lean UX:

Tips for coaching others about Lean and catalyzing a rapid experimentation mindset: