Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. the iPad

I can’t wait to design for this! Multi-tasking, “desktop” widgets, better web support (ahem, Flash), and cameras are going to make this so much more USEFUL than iPad.

Weighing half as much will help too. All those “doctors walking around with tablets balanced on their arms” scenarios suddenly seem much more plausible… have you ever tried holding an iPad with one hand for more than 2 minutes? It’s quite heavy!

On a side note: I’m a bit disappointed that I haven’t heard anything about a tablet with the added ability to use a stylus. Although there’s a lot to be said to building the UI around touch interactions, there are still some places I’d love to be able to use a stylus, such as handwriting notes (no, Steve, the iPad is not “a dream” to type on) or sketching things.


UPDATE: There are in fact rumors about a bluetooth stylus! Fingers crossed (& ready for stylus action)