SXSW 2013 Reflection

SXSW. What a rush!

I arrived giddy and excited to spend my time amongst the people at the forefront of design and technology. I was not disappointed! There were many friendly faces from the Silicon Valley tech scene, and many more new people to meet.

What inspired me most about SXSW was seeing how deeply the passion for creativity and “making” runs in fields outside of my own (web & mobile app design).

I saw robots cracking jokes, musicians mixing the birth of electronic music, thermostats making a house a home, and designers taking us to the stars. I met bicycle rickshaw drivers, small business owners, marketers, and videographers who embrace design and technology. So many amazing people, looking to the future with big dreams and a sharpie/iPad/Makerbot in hand.

The future is here, and we’re the ones creating it.