But why is being lazy a good attribute for doing UX design? Because it prevents one from doing stupid, cute, things. Sure, some of those stupid/cute things might be brilliant, but most of them would diminish the UX of the product or perhaps take a lot of your development time for no real improvement to the final result.

Just like in evolution, there are lots of mutations but only a very few of them will actually be useful.


AS3: event.target vs. event.currentTarget

I just figured out how to solve an ongoing bug in my AS3 code.

The problem: I added a MouseEvent.CLICK handler to a Label. Whenever I clicked on the label, the event would fire– but when I called “event.target” in the event handler, it would return a TextField instead of a Label. This meant that to get the Label, I had to come up with messy workarounds like checking the type of the event and calling its parent if it wasn’t a Label.

The solution is actually quite simple: rather than calling “event.target”, use “event.currentTarget” to get the object that originally had the event handler registered to it (in my case, the Label). I wish I’d known this earlier! For further reference regarding event propagation in Flex, see the Adobe documentation.