Men and Women Entrepreneurs: Not That Different

Male & female entrepreneurs are pretty similar:

Both groups had an equally strong desire to build wealth; wanted to capitalize on business ideas; were attracted to the culture of startups; had long-standing desire to own their own company; and were tired of working for others…

Their average ages when founding their first companies were the same. Likewise, successful men and women entrepreneurs founded their first companies when they had similar numbers of children living at home, though men were more likely than women to be married.

That being said,

Only one percent of high-tech startups have a woman CEO; there are almost no women in the ranks of chief technology officers.

Only one percent. Wow. I knew the ratio of women in technology was pretty low, but not this low.

For more research/news on women in tech, check out the Anita Borg Institute.

Also, see Women2.0, an organization whose mission is to “increase the number of female founders of technology startups”.